We are Hello Blossom

An IT Consulting and Solution firm,
located in both Europe and United States.
Dedicated to help businesses with the power
of technology developed suit the needs
of their business.




The journey started in 2016 in Denmark and then moved to Portugal in 2020, and we don't limit us to only operate in Europe, but the whole world where our clients are.

Since we have had many happy clients, some for a short journey and others that keeps us on side when they have needs.

Giving companies
around the global,
the performance and
quality of Scandinavia
work culture




Our vision is for to help our client grow better and more dynamic, making sure a timezone, limited office space and language differences is not an issue, but a opportunity for growth.

We are combining all the good from Scandinavia and Portugal to make effective and powerful solutions for our clients

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Jersey City, New Jersey

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