Technology Management

Companies today have many systems, and can lose an overview over systems, and this is where we come to help manage it.

But it is also important to update old lagacy systems, so they can follow with business, and still be safe and secure.

But many don't have the resources to continue to update and develop, old systems, which we can help you with and the management of it too.


How we approach

Technology Management


We will go thought you need and what kind of systems you have, and hear about the plan for the system. We do this so see if we need to help you short time or longer and if you need advice for a new system.


Based on what your needs are, and systems you have, we either make a runbook for you or dedicate support staff for you. We make a guide for you, so you can do it internally if needed.


Before works is ready we make and sign a contract, which makes sure on what is agreed. And as we always do, we make an NDA so your information is yours only and stays with you.

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